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Daniel Abrahams

My relationship with God was stagnant...

I come from Cape Town born in 1998, and in my home my mom was the Christian. I was brought up in the church and when I was three yrs. old she said that I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart and be my best friend forever. My sister and I started home schooling when I was eight.

Later that year my father left the home. Things were difficult for my mom and this was when I really started to see God’s provision for us as a single parent family; His involvement in our lives became real to me. I wanted, from that time, to go into ministry so that others could see that God wanted to be involved in their lives in the same way. Things came into perspective when I was 11 yrs. old, my relationship with God had become stagnant and He sent people into my life who had a deep relationship with Him. I wanted what they had. After my first few mission trips as a pre teenager I knew that I wanted to do mission work. And when I was 14, because of a significant mission experience, I knew that my calling was to work with unengaged people groups.

In my 2nd year of study I did, amongst other subjects, Greek, ’The History of the Reformation’, ’Doctrines of God, Man & Sin’ and ‘Poetry & wisdom in the Old Testament’ I would like to go into the mission field and am exploring possibilities for short to medium term training in Missions once I graduate.

Daniel is a 3rd year student at the Bible Institute, and yes, the hair is real!